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Around Beanotown in 80 Days: The Race for Space!

Phil E.S. Dogg wants to enrol in Beanotown's first-ever space pet academy. Can you him fill out this scientific questionnaire?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 8th 2022

Not many people know this, but The Beanotown Space Academy opened its doors to a select number of new recruits this summer and there's one spot left in their September class! After beating Gnasher in a game of rock-paper-scissors, Phil E.S. has got his paws on the last entry form. He's always wanted to go into space, ever since he was a tiny pup. So, would you be able to help him through this tough personality quiz that every astronaut must take?

1/10 Gnasher in space

How do you feel about floating around in the dark?

2/10 Phil E.S. Dogg and Gnasher in space

How much do you know about planets and stars?

3/10 Space suitcase

What kinds of things would you pack for a space adventure?

4/10 A stamp featuring Laika - the first living creature in space

Who's your favourite space hero?

5/10 Phil E.S. Dogg in a space rocket

What sort of spaceship would you feel most comfortable flying?

6/10 Tim Peake

Pick a famous astronaut!

7/10 Phil E.S Dogg farting in space

Space food basically comes out of a tube. Which flavour gloop is least likely to make you do zero gravity guffs?

8/10 Phil E.S. Dogg in a space shuttle

How much training do you think astronauts do before going into space?

9/10 A space shuttle blasting off without Gnasher

Would you be nervous during take-off?

10/10 Phil ES Dogg and Gnasher on the moon

All astronauts are expecting to document their adventure. How would you do it?

Result: Not quite

The Beanotown Space Academy says: NOT QUITE!

Halfway though taking this questionnaire, Phil E.S. Dogg decided that he'd prefer to keep all four paws on planet Earth for now and enjoy some science fiction movies instead!

Result: Maybe next year

The Beanotown Space Academy says: MAYBE NEXT YEAR!

While The Beanotown Space Academy thought Phil did well, they'd like him to learn more about the different planets and how to float around correctly before joining the class!

Result: You're in

The Beanotown Space Academy says: YOU'RE IN!

Thanks to your help, the Beanotown Space Academy would like Phil to enrol this September, so he's got plenty of time to enjoy the summer before beginning an adventure that will be out of this world! Literally – he's going to space soon!

Result: Blast off

The Beanotown Space Academy says: BLAST OFF!

The Beanotown Space Academy were so impressed with Phil's answers that they'd like him to go on their next mission which takes place this week! Don't worry, he'll be back in time for next week's adventure! Could you help him to decide what to pack?