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Wonderfully Worldly Asia Capital Cities Quiz

Asia is the world’s largest continent with a whopping 60% of the world’s people living there! But how much do you know about the capital cities there?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 9th 2022

From Beijing to Bangkok, there are some amazing, interesting and huge cities in Asia. They’ve got a long history and a bright future too, so why not test your knowledge of these fantastic places? You never know, you might get some ideas for a holiday! Let’s find out! Wahoo!


Which country is New Delhi in?


Which country is Beijing in?


This country is right on the edge of Europe and Asia, and used to be a capital city, but what is it called?


This is the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, but why are these Japanese castles built like this?


Which capital city has this famous pedestrian crossing?


In which capital city is this ancient temple found?


Where is this amazing building found?


What is the capital of Malaysia?


What is the capital city of Nepal?


Which of these capital cities is NOT in Asia?

Oh no! Ok, maybe not your finest moment in the world of quizzes, but practice makes perfect so why not give the ol’ atlas another spin and see if you can do a bit better?

Okay! Now we’re really cooking! You’ve grasped the basics of Asia’s cities, well done, but how about perfecting that knowledge? Why not try again and see if you can score higher?

Nice work! This is very impressive, you’ve nearly scored full marks, almost, but not quite! But fear not! Take a deep breath and dive back into the quiz, we’re sure you can hit that 100%! Let’s go!

Awesome! Never have we ever seen anything quite as epic as this! You’re really giving geography energy! We’re super impressed, and you should be too, give yourself a pat on the back! Great work!