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15 Awesome Australia Facts

These awesome Australia facts will throw another prawn of knowledge on the barbeque of your mind! Check them out and find out some cool new facts about Australia!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 23rd 2023

G'day mate! It's time to see how many of these cool facts about the country of Australia you already knew! Australia is known for kangaroos, koalas and beaches, but find out all about the other things that makes Australia awesome! We've got 15 awesome Australia facts to delight and intrigue. Find out about Australia's history, it's most famous landmarks, it's national dish and even the reason why they don't like emus! And if you liked this, we've got more facts right here! How about these gruesome gladiator facts? Or maybe you're in the mood for some incredible Arctic Circle facts! And what about these spooky ghost facts?

1. Australia is Home to the Aboriginal People

Before Australia became the country its known as today, it was solely inhabited by two groups, the Aboriginals and the much smaller group of the Torres Strait Islanders. These peoples had little connection with the rest of the world and formed their own unique culture. Today, both groups still face challenges brought about by colonisation, and are still unfairly treated in some areas.

2. It Was First Colonised by Europeans in 1606

In 1606 a Dutchman called Willem Janszoon arrived in Australia in the Cape York Peninsula. However, it wasn't until 1788 that the British started to colonise the country by sending convicts there. These convicts would work in Australia until they earned their freedom, at which point they could either go home or stay and set up a new life. Because of this, many Australians today are descended from those early settlers.

3. It Officially became a Country in 1901.

Until then, Australia was known as a group of colonies under British rule. It was still under British rule until it gained complete independence in 1986, with the Australia act. These days, the British monarch is still officially the head of Australian government, as its a commonwealth country.

4. 90% of Australians Live on the Coast

Australia is a huge country, but a lot of it is desert and not particularly easy for humans to live in. Australians much prefer to live on the coast, with easy access to the sea, beaches and cities.

5. It's Home to A Unique Type of Animal

Because Australia is an island, cut off from its neighbours for a very long time, lots of Australian animals developed without being influenced by other species. These animals are called marsupials, a type of mammal. They're unique to other mammals in that they often carry their young in a pouch. Koalas, kangaroos and wombats are all marsupials. Even weirder is the platypus, a mammal with a beak that lays eggs!

6. And Lots of Dangerous Ones!

As well as cuddly koalas and possums, Australia has some of the most dangerous animals in the world! They include the great white shark, red-backed spider, the Eastern brown snake and crocodiles! Even kangaroos can be dangerous - one kick from a kangaroo can seriously damage your health!

7. It's Home to the Great Barrier Reef

Australia's coast is home to one of the biggest eco systems in the world - the Great Barrier Reef. Located off the north-east coast of Australia, the reef is home to all sorts of plants and wildlife. However, climate change has been affecting the reef, and changes in water temperatures, amongst other things, have seen it become bleached and damaged. Activists are trying to save the reef by reducing the impact of climate change and making sure the plants and animals who live there are protected.

8. Drop Bears Are Made Up!

If you've been to Australia, you might have heard of the fearsome 'drop bear', a vicious and dangerous animal that looks a bit like a koala. However, the drop bear (so called because they drop on you from trees) is completely made up and often used as a prank pulled on tourists. Now you know! Koalas are, in reality, pretty docile.

9. Uluru is One of Its Most Famous Landmarks

Uluru (formally known as Ayres rock) is located in Australia's 'Red Centre' and has been standing for millions of years. Most of Uluru is actually underground, but even then it's still taller than the Eiffel tower! It stands in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park which is owned by the local Anangu people.

10. And So is the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney opera house is one of the most recognisable buildings in the world and a sure fire way to know you're in Australia! Built in 1973, it's a multi-arts venue and was designed by a Danish architect.

11. The Capital is Canberra

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the capital is the much more famous Sydney - but it's actually Canberra! Canberra is a city located inland in New South Wales, and was founded in 1913, it's only just over a 100 years old!

12. The Once Had a War Against Emus

That's right, and the worst part is - they lost! In 1932 Australia was becoming overrun with Emus who were destroying crops and ruining farmers land, so the government sent in ex-soldiers to deal with them. For the next few months, farmers tried to shoot as many emus as possible, but the emus always came out on top, avoiding the firing and dodging bullets! To this day, Australia still has loads of emus!

13. They Have Lots of Fun Snacks

You might be familiar with Vegemite, Australia's answer to Marmite, but they have loads more snacks that are famous! These include Tim Tams, a type of chocolate biscuit, and Cherry Ripe chocolate bars! The national dish of Australia is considered by many to be the meat pie!

14. Some of Your Fave Celebs are Australian

Thor | Marvel Studios | Paramount Pictures | Kevin Feige | Kenneth Branagh

Lots of Australians have made it big over the years, including everyone's favourite Barbie Margot Robbie, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, singer Kylie Minogue and athlete Cathy Freeman! Who's your favourite Australian?

15. Their Prime Minister Once Mysteriously Disappeared

In 1967 Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt went swimming near Melbourne. After searching for him for two days, he was officially declared dead and a new prime minister was sworn in. Although most people think he probably had an accident, there are some people out there who believe that Holt disappeared to start a new life, was secretly a spy or had been deliberately harmed! What do you think?

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