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What Avatar Character Are You Quiz?

Are You like Aang or Zuko? What about Katara or Toph? This Quiz Will Reveal All!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Let's go!

1/10 A selection of delicious fruit and vegetables

What fruit or vegetable would you ban forever?

2/10 Philadelphia 76ers' Demetrius Jackson dancing
Philadelphia 76ers | Giphy

What's your Fortnite dance?

3/10 Homemade Vanilla Custard Pudding

What pudding would you like?

4/10 Stranger Things Chief Hopper
Stranger Things | Netflix

What's the best time to get up in the morning?

5/10 Thumbs up

What's your best quality?ย 

6/10 Thumbs down

What's your least appealing characteristic?ย 

7/10 University of Glasgow socks
University of Glasgow | Giphy

How often do you change your socks?ย 

8/10 A happy frog

Which animal are you most like?

9/10 An old building depicting the four seasons

What season do you enjoy the most?

10/10 African cat enjoying the rain
Nat Geo Wild | Giphy

It's raining. What do you do?


You are: Aang!

You're a bit of a daredevil but fun is your middle name!


You are: Zuko!

You're full of mischief but can be a bit of a grump!


You are: Katara!

You're kind and a great friend!

Toph Beifong

You are: Toph Beifong!

You're an earthbending master, which is pretty cool!