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Awesome LEGO Space Women!

LEGO are bringing out some awesome mini-figures of some of the coolest women to have worked for NASA!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  October 29th 2017

Mae Jemison & Sally Ride

Sally was the first American lady in space and Mae was the first African-American lady in space!

Mae Jemison and Sally Ride and a rocket made of LEGO

Nancy G. Roman

Nancy worked on planning the Hubble telescope and was nicknamed "Mother Hubble" - more like MODEL Hubble now!

Nancy G. Roman as lego

Margaret Hamilton

Margaret worked on making all the clever computer stuff (that we won't even try to understand) for the Apollo mission that first put people on the moon! The MOON!

Margaret Hamilton as LEGO

Not forgetting anyone are we?

Princess Leia peeps round the corner

There's already a Princess Leia mini-fig!

Princess Leia LEGO Leia Smiling