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Back To School Bubbles: What’s Your Style?

So what's the deal with this whole bubbling thing? Check this handy how-to guide for some ideas!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

You're back at school, and it's time to have fun and learn some stuff. Important stuff, like how many keepy-uppies you can do blindfolded (and school stuff too, obviously). Everyone's working really hard to keep you safe, but Covid is still about so we need to be careful.

But what does that really mean?

How do you balance the need to have fun with the need to stay safe? Erm....good question! Here are 3 possible ways...

Style 1: Straight Back to Normal(ish)!

What pandemic? You're back at school and you and your pals are going to make up for lost time. You still need to stay safe so no licking the door handles - but you shoudn't be doing that anyway, you big weirdo. Nope - you're going to stay safe, but have as much fun as possible whilst doing it!

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Style 2: Super-social distanced

You're up for fun, but the most important thing is to stay safe. You're very sensible and you've always got your mask on, and keep 2 metres away from everyone at all times - even in the queue for lunch. Proper normality is coming back one day, so why rush? Take things slow and steady, and leave the lunchtime wrestling matches for another year! Besides, it'll give you time to work on your moves!

Style 3: Use your loaf

You're smart. You know when to be super-safe and when to catch-up on all that fun. Of course you're still washing your hands regularly and following all the rules (everyone is, right?) - but you know how to relax as well. Remember - outside is generally pretty safe, and big indoor crowds are a bit less. So sports and hanging out outside: GOOD - mosh pits in the corridor: BAD.

The Big Top Tip:

However you do your back to school bubbling - make sure you do what feels best. Having fun is super important for your mental health, and it's just as important as eating healthy and learning things. But if something doesn't feel safe, trust your instincts. And remember, the grown ups in your life are there to keep you safe, and they'll tell you if anything changes - and are there to answer all your questions.

Even if it's the same question over and over again 58 times, grown ups love that.

However you bubble - stay safe and have fun!

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