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Back to School: What’s Your Smiggle Style?

What does your Smiggle stuff say about you? Answer these questions to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Pick a colour:

@smiggle_uk | instagram

Your favourite Smiggle thing is a...


If you had a scented pencil, what would it smell like?

@smiggle_uk | instagram

Pick some Fluffy Sand:

@qubitzstudio | giphy

What mythical animal would you rather be?

@smiggle_uk | instagram

Your pencil case...

gifsboom | giphy

What would you rather do this weekend?


And finally... pick a snack!

@smiggle_uk | instagram

The Collector!

You're obsessed with Smiggle and have to have their newest things. You don't really use them though - you're too worried about messing them up!

@smiggle_uk | instagram

The Show Off!

You always make sure you have the newest Smiggle bag - and make doubly sure that all your friends know about it!

@smiggle_uk | instagram

The Mix and Match!

You prefer it when things DON'T match, and like to mix up Smiggle stuff with whatever else you have at home. It's a great look. You wear odd socks as well, right?

@smiggle_uk | instagram

The Artist!

Smiggle bags look kind of cool, but really you just like the pens and pencils. The smellier the better. We don't blame you!