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The Ultimate BadBoyHalo Quiz!

Are you a BadBoyHalo expert? Here’s your chance to prove it by taking this awesome quiz!

If you love Minecraft, YouTubers and tiny dogs, this is the quiz for you! Test your BadBoyHalo knowledge now…

1/12 BadBoyHalo on Twitter
@BadBoyHalo | Twitter

What is BadBoyHalo's real name?

2/12 Video game practice

BadyBoyHalo was born in 1995. What was the biggest-selling game that year?

3/12 BadBoyHalo's Twitch profile pic
BadBoyHalo | Twitch

What was he originally called when he started out on YouTube?

4/12 Minecraft pig

He's a fan of Minecraft and hosts a server devoted to the game. What's it called?

5/12 Skeppy and BadBoyHalo on Minecraft
@BadBoyHalo | Twitter

BadBoyHalo is a member of which YouTube gaming gang?

6/12 How tall is BadBoyHalo

He once revealed his height during a livestream. If a Beano is 1cm high, what's his height in comics?

7/12 United States map

In which American stare does he live?

8/12 BadBoyHalo's dog Lucy
@badboyhalo_ | Instagram

He's the proud owner of a Maltese dog named Lucy. What is his dog's nickname?


How many subscribers had he achieved by his 25th birthday?

10/12 BadBoyHalo on his YouTube channel
BadBoyHalo | YouTube

What is BadBoyHalo said to be afraid of?

11/12 BadBoyHalo's Minecraft character

Which of the following is not a typical BadBoyHalo saying?

12/12 Minecraft
Mojang | Minecraft

On YouTube, BadBoyHalo passed the 2 million subscriber mark in which year?

Result: Oh no
BadBoyHalo | YouTube

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Result: Good try
BadBoyHalo | YouTube

Good try! Why not have another go soon?

Result: Great work
BadBoyHalo | YouTube

Great work! You know about about BadBoyHalo, don't you?

Result: Wow
BadBoyHalo | YouTube

Wow! We're guessing you're either a BadBoyHalo expert or the man himself! Well done.

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