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Bash Street's Beat The Teacher Quiz!

It's the battle of the brains! Can you help Class 2B outwit Mr. Teacher?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 14th 2024

We've devised a highly scientific quiz to see if you can trick the teacher into thinking you turn up to Bash Street School to actually learn something, rather than see your pals. Can you help your 2B classmates pull the wool over Mr. Teacher's eyes? No, you don't need to bring any wool in, Smiffy...


What's your favourite subject?


How do you react to a room full of noisy people?


What's your favourite part of the school day?

4/10 Stevie Star in a Beanotown street

Do you like to answer questions in front of people?

5/10 Mrs Creecher outside Bash Street School

What subject would you quite happily not hear of again?


How many tests do you think a class should do a week?


Do you enjoy the sound of musical instruments in school?

8/10 Bash Street Kids on school steps

What's your opinion on school uniforms?

9/10 Danny from the Bash Street Kids

Homework. Yes or no?


The bell rings at the end of the school day. What's your first reaction?

Result: Win

You win!

You've used your wits and cunning to outsmart Mr. Teacher at his own game. And what's the name of the game? Education. Boring!

Result: Lose

You lose!

You tried your best, but when you've been in school as long as Mr. Teacher, you learn a thing or two about your class and how they behave!

It's a draw!

Wow! This proved to be a true battle of wills. In one corner, we have the Bash Street Kids and in the other, Mr. Teacher. No-one won. No-one lost. It was, as they say in football and art class, a draw!