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Which Numskull Are You? Try This Character Quiz!

Are you a bit like Brainy? Or the spitting image of Snitch? Take this ridiculous comic quiz and we'll tell you which of the Numskulls is most like you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 30th 2024

Numskulls are little people that live inside the head of Edd Ache (oh, and you too - probably). They operate his brain, help him with his emotions, and generally get him in all kinds of trouble. But which of these lever-tugging idiots are you most like? Answer these 10 Beano-tastic questions and we'll tell you!

Let's get cracking, Numskulls!


Pick a Beano character that's NOT a Numskull:

2/10 A spring onion in a park

Which of these things is in your bag?

3/10 Doing a jigsaw puzzle

Which of these things is most relaxing?


Uh oh! Anger has escaped from the emotion zone in the head! What do you do?


Edd's got food poisoning from eating something gross! Who's fault is it?


Pick a snack:


Uh oh! Cruncher has fallen asleep halfway through lunch! What do you do?

8/10 Gross snot

Pick one:


What did you last dream of?


What's the best thing you ever did for Edd?

You're Brainy!

Brainy is in charge! He's responsible for the brain (or at least, is meant to be) and spend a lot of time bossing the other Numskulls around. He often gets in a bit of a muddle though! And according to your answers... so do you! Would you rather be a different Numskull? Have another go!

You're Blinky!

You're the not-so-Eagle-eyed Blinky! You're responsible for vision, not bumping into things, and shovelling sleep out of the eyes first thing in the morning! You love your job - except for when Snitch starts sniffing onions! Yeesh! Not the Numskull you want to be? Have another go!

You're Snitch!

Snitch is in charge of the nose - and he always makes sure Brainy knows about the odours that he picks up throughout the day. Snitch can't resist any smell - whether it's pencil sharpenings, cut grass, or even farts! Not the Numskull you want to be? Never mind - have another go!

You're Radar!

Radar is in charge of listening out for important noises - so that's music, dogs barking, people whispering, all sorts! It's his job to pass on this info to Brainy, who can work out what to do. Only problem is he often wears big headphones and can't hear anything either! Not the Numskull you wanted? Have another go!