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Test Your Noggin With This Numskulls Quiz!

Think you know the Numskulls? This head-scratchingly hard quiz is only for the brainiest Beano fans!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 30th 2024

The Numskulls are tiny people who live in your head. They control your feelings and what you get up to - and you can bet that if they start messing about behind those controls you're going to notice it! Do you already know all about these classic Beano comic characters? Answer these questions and find out how much you know!


Who's head do the Numskulls live in?

2/10 Snitch numskull pollen

How many Numskulls are there?

3/10 A quizzical ear

What part of Edd's head is Snitch responsible for?


Which one of these IS a real Numskull?

5/10 A man with thick eyebrows

What's the name of the Numskull who lives in the eyes?


Who's in the stomach?

7/10 A man eating chocolate

What's Cruncher's department?

8/10 The emotions

The emotions live in the brain. Where does Brainy try to keep them?


Who's this?

10/10 A scientist using a microscope

Do the Numskulls have Numskulls?

Bah! Tough luck! Briany is panicking about this score - but never mind, you can always have another go! Be quick though, he looks like he needs a nice quiet sit down! Better luck next time!

Could be worse! But could be better too! Brainy is panicking about it, but he often does so don't mind him. Fancy having another go and seeing if you can score a bit higher the next time round?

Amazing! You really know your stuff! This Bumskull in a safety suit is very pleased with this score! YOu nailed it! There are one or two answers you got wrong... do you know which ones? Let's see if you can beat this score on a different Beano quiz!

Amazing! You know loads about the Numskulls - this is the perfect score! This poo-shovelling Bumskull is very impressed - but then again, they would be... they don't get let out very often! Fancy trying another eic Beano quiz? We have lots more!