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Be More Confident With Plug's Personality Test!

Take this epic comic quiz and find out if you have the inner confidence of Plug from Bash Street!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 30th 2024

Do you feel shy sometimes? Embarrassed about your hobbies? Not sure how to act in awkward situations? Well you should tale a leaf out of Plug from Bash Street's book and just be yourself! Everyone finds it hard to be confident sometimes (even Plug does, believe it or not!) but being happy in yourself is what we should all be aiming for.

So find out how similar to Plug you are with this completely confident personality test! What are you waiting for? Let's go!

1/10 Plug looking handsome on a purple background

You're getting ready to go to a friend's party. What music are you listening to make yourself feel 10 feet tall?

2/10 Plug on a colourful splay background

You’re at a birthday party and don’t know a group of people. What do you do?

3/10 Plug looking annoyed

You’ve entered a talent contest and have picked your favourite song to sing. How do you get over your nerves?

4/10 Plug and Dennis as pirates

When you’re playing with your friends, do you feel that what you say matters?

5/10 Plug pulling a face

You’ve attempted to build a model and things aren’t going to plan. What do you do?

6/10 Teacher from the Bash Street Kids

You’ve been asked by the teacher to solve a maths question but you aren’t feeling up to speaking in front of the class. Do you…

7/10 Homework in a muddy puddle

You’ve written your homework but it's ended up in a muddy puddle. How does that make you feel?

8/10 The Bash Street Kids

Do you agree with your friends even if you’re not 100% sure about how you feel about a given subject?

9/10 Plug looking happy

Someone just smirked at you and said "Nice hat, lol". What do you do now?

10/10 Bash Street Football Club

You’re about to play a rival football team. How do you feel before kick off?

Result: Oozing confidence

You ooze confidence like Plug!

You're the best and you know it! Just like Plug you don't care what anyone thinks, and are happy just being you. You know what you like and don't care two hoots what anyone else thinks. Congratulations - this is the best way to be!

Result: Quietly confident

You're quietly confident!

You've taken a leaf out of Plug's book - or maybe he's taken a leaf out of yours! The two of you are pretty confident, and you should be very proud of this (and you already are!). Now we're not saying you and Plug are the same - you definitely don't look the same - but both of you have that very rare skill where you can do what you want and not care what other people think. This is great news! Hooray!

Result: a bit shy

You're a bit shy

You're happy being you and you know that real confidence is something you don't need to bang on about. If people think you're quiet... let them think that! Because what matters is your inner confidence, and being you for you - not for other people! Plug would be proud!

Result: You can do it

You can do it

Once in a blue moon even Plug might get a bit nervous or feel a bit doubtful. That's only normal! But you're even more confident than this, and there is literally nothing that can get you down. Now, you go out and use your incredible powers of confidence for good! You've got this!