Bash Street: True or False

12 Trivia Questions to test your Bash Street Knowledge

Choose true or false for these 10 questions and wait until the end to find out your score!

There are 10 kids in class 2B of Bash Street School

Lots of people think Toots and Sidney are brother and sister, but they aren't actually related at all

Danny's great-great-great grandma and grandad were astronauts

Fatty's real name is Pancake McWaffle

 Cuthbert Cringeworthy is the only kid in Class 2B who does his homework

Plug is the only member of the gang not to live in Bash Street Towers

The last school inspector who dared to visit Class 2B reported that they were "quiet and boring"

Sidney loves animals and has loads of different pets, but he's still afraid of spiders

Wilfrid loves magic tricks, and can do an excellent disappearing act

Spotty is very proud of the 89 spots on his head

The Bash Street Kids have a rival school called Crash Avenue Tech

Teacher can often be seen driving a shiny new sports car

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