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Battlefield Jokes

Make a tactical advance towards these hilarious Battlefield Jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 3rd 2022

Are you ready for hand-to-hand combat with some hilarious jokes? There’s no way your bayonet is as sharp as our warsome joke writing skills. You know what they say… The Beano is mightier than the Sword. It’s something like that anyway. Prepare for battle!

What have Emma Raducanu  and a Battlefield Gamer have in common?

They know how to serve!

Did you play the Battlefield add-on where you fight rabbit soldiers?

They’re called the Hare Force!

Did you hear about the pro-gamer who saved a rat in the Battlefield Game?

After a few battles he became a vet!

What do you call a gamerr who visits the toilet mid Battlefield session?

A lootenant!

A man holding lots of toilet rolls

What part of the barracks requires the most cleaning?

The Mess hall!

What do Battlefield soldiers watch in their spare time?


What do you call a Battlefield weapon which is fully loaded?

A ri-full!

Did you here about the Battlefield player who bought a game where NOT engaging the enemy was rewarded?

There was no charge!

What is the best way to refer to a gamer who always makes you play Battlefield with them? 

You call him a company commander!

General:"I couldn't see you at the camouflage training?" 

Battlefield Soldier: "Thanks, sir, I'll keep the good work up!"

Player 1: Where are the enemy’s armies? 

Player 2: Up her sleevies!

I never throw anything away…

I died in Battlefield holding on to a hand grenade!

I stopped playing Battlefield on my PC…

It was time for a Switch!

I smashed my keyboard after dying in Battlefield…

I lost “control.”

A gamer grandad

My Mum was cross because I was spending too much time playing games…

It was a constant battlefield! 

I hate when I reach the edge of the battlefield…

It feels like the end of the world!

Why can’t Battlefield gamers use Uber?

Too many incompatible drivers!

Computer joke thumbnail
Computer joke thumbnail

How do you know when a party is for a Battlefield gamer?

There are tons of streamers!

My life was ruined by my obsession with Battlefield.

Fortunately, I could respawn!

What do Battlefield Gamer’s PC’s and Liverpool FC have in common?

Their fans are REALLY noisy!