Beano Birthday Covers Throughout History!

Take a look at all these amazing Beano birthday covers! Which one do you like best?

The 10th birthday cover - still so young!

1948 beano cover

Growing up! It's the 20th birthday cover!

1958 beano cover

Only 25! Biffo gets stuck into that cake!

1963 beano cover

Still lookin' purty - it's birthday number 30!

1968 beano cover

They grow up so fast! It's the 40th cover!

1978 beano cover

50 already?! Dennis celebrates on the beach!

1988 beano cover

How time flies! 60th birthday for the beloved comic!

1998 beano cover

At the 70th birthday bash, Wallace and Gromit join in the fun!

2008 beano cover

75 years young!

2013 beano cover

What a special year! Happy 80th birthday, Beano!

2018 beano cover

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