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Beano's Brilliant Reading Facts!

Reading books or comics is a great way to relax and it's also good for you, too! Here are some awesome facts about why books are like weights for the mind!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 1st 2023

Books, comics and even audiobooks are a fun way of learning new words, understanding people and it will prove to be an extremely important skill you'll use for life! Here are 10 reasons why reading rocks!

1. Reading improves your memory!

Reading really kickstarts your brain into creating neurons. Reading will help you remember facts and new words, and you'll be able to recall them at the drop of a hat, beanie, beret or even flat cap!

2. It's a fun way of building your vocabulary!

It's a simple fact that the more you read, the stronger your vocabulary will be. With just a small amount of reading every day, you'll subconsciously add new words to your memory, just like you did when you learned to communicate when you were a toddler. You'll have a plethora – a large amount – of different words to express yourself in everyday life.

3. Reading is like taking your brain to the gym!

Reading a book might be a lovely way to spend the afternoon, but it's actually great exercise for your brain. Just think, you're sitting there absorbing the words, but your brain is doing all sorts: making sense of the grammar and comprehension, keeping track of who said and did what in each chapter, and generally being alert so you can spot any cool plot twists that come your way.

4. Reading makes you feel relaxed!

Grown-ups will often talk excitedly about "losing themselves in a good book. Concentrating while reading a book is similar to meditating. Your brain shuts out the outside world and allows you to focus on the characters and unfolding story line. It's very relaxing and gives you a chance to unwind after a day at school. It can even help you have a better night's sleep, which is an added bonus!

5. Reading fiction can help your decision-making skills!

Reading stories is a fantastic way to keep your brain on its, er, brain toes. While you process the storyline and what's happening to the characters, your mind is put through its paces and working out what might happen next. This will help you when it comes to making decisions in real life and you'll know what to do if you're every confronted by a fire-breathing dragon.

6. Audiobooks can help your reading skills, too!

You might think that lying back and having a person read a story to you might be a bit lazy if you read yourself, but research has shown that hearing a story is very beneficial to young readers. It's a fun way of getting information and helps you learn comprehension skills and how to express the written word out loud.

7. The world's fastest reader is VERY fast!

The late Howard Berg was declared the fastest reader in the world by the Guinness World Records in 1990. He could read 25,000 words a minute! That means he could read an average sized novel in the time it takes to make a cup of tea!

8. You can read 2 million words a year with a little effort!

When kids read from a young age and spend around 20 minutes a day reading, they can notch up about 1.8 million words in a year! This will help your general knowledge skills – great for Beano quizzes – and will really build those vocabulary muscles!

9. There's a word for enjoying the smell of old books!

There's something about opening a book and getting a wonderful whiff of the pages. It's 'bibliosima' and has something to do with the chemicals released when paper begins to get old.

10. Reading can make you kinder!

Cat reading a book

Research has shown that people who read fiction are empathetic and show compassion. This means that they can identify with a character's problems and understand what they may be experiencing – that's a very handy tool for real life!