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This Week’s Issue of Beano: Try Before You Buy!

Beano is the world's longest running comic and is packed full of blamtastic stories, characters, pranks, jokes and more! Dennis Menace, Gnasher, Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids and Harsha are all here! Get a taste of what's inside this week's awesome comic here or get delivered to your door every Saturday!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 22nd 2023

Beano 4178: No Sausage is Safe from Cyber Gnasher!

1. Cyber Gnasher vs Sausage-Zilla!

Dangerous Dan's latest secret task involves retrieving a special project. But this special project is a certain Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripe Hound attached to a drone and armed to the teeth with laser blasters! Surely some tasty sausages can lure this pooch back to safety...

2. A moment in mime!

Betty and her Himalayan pal spot a mime in the local park. Will Yeti come to appreciate the subtle, silent art of mime or will chaos ensue?

3. The appliance of science!

Professor Von Screwtop has a never-ending to-do list. He calls on his daughter Rubi to create a clone so he can clear his tasks with ease. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Could it?

4. When goldfish attack!

General Blight's decision to bring his pet to work backfires and finds himself being overpowered by a tiny goldfish! Can he and Bananaman put their differences aside for a moment to save the day?

5. Fun-raising fundraising!

Bash Street School has spent all their funds on science equipment after an ill-fated classroom experiment. The class of 2B put their heads together to come up with fun-raising ideas!

Beano 4177: Tomat-whoa!

1. Quantum-Bananaman!

When Professor von Screwtop goes missing, it’s up to Bananaman to be shrunk down to a subatomic size to rescue him! It’s totally nothing like any ant-sized superhero might get up to, honestly!

2. Yeti learns all about stinky, er… extinct animals!

Woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers are two of the animals Yeti fails to find in Beanotown woods… or are they?

3. The biggest tomato ever!

Dennis loses his football but finds the world’s biggest tomato! We all think that’s a brilliant exchange and nothing can possibly go wrong as a result!

4. Will Calamity James find some good luck on sale at a jumble sale?

Well… stranger things have happened. None of them spring immediately to mind right now, but you never know!

5. Dangerous Dan is on a mission!

Dangerous Dan’s latest mission is to deliver some secret plans. All he has to do is keep them out of the hands of S.M.I.R.K… oh!

Beano 4176: Cloudy with a chance of menace!

1. March the 14th is Pi Day!

Well… if you write it in the US date format of 3.14. And Rubi’s very excited! While for Pie face, March the 14th is Pie Day, but that because for Pie Face, EVERY DAY is Pie Day!

2. A side order of pranks, please!

The Chandras have gone to the drive thru at Beanotown Burgers, which Harsha uses as an excuse to order some fast-food pranks!

3. Lessons in Class 2B CAN be magic!

The Bash Street Kids have been inspired by a magic show this week! Will they be able to use what they’ve learned to make their work… disappear?

4. JJ has a monster of a problem!

Can’t sleep? As Beanotown’s Seeker, JJ doesn’t count sheep, she counts monsters! So it’s lucky she has some under her bed… or is it?

5. Betty and Yeti are enjoying the great outdoors!

Well, Betty is! Despite the fact you’d imagine Yeti would be right at home up a mountain, he’s got very used to the comforts of Betty’s home!

Beano 4175: Beano makes reading fun!

1. The Beano all-stars in… World Book Day!

Our special Beanotown adventure sees the gang making reading fun for World Book Day! The gang try to fit in ten minutes of reading a day, but as you can see, Dennis gets very lost in his book…

2. The Numskulls learn a new word…

…with all sorts of unexpected consequences. The word? ‘Non-sequitur’, pronounced ‘sec-wit-ur’. And it’s not like Brainy even listens to words that are easier to say!

3. It’s all Greek to the Bash Street Kids!

The kids are learning all about Greek mythology this week, which means history is about to get hysterical for Class 2B!

4. JJ wants her mummy!

JJ, in her role as Beanotown’s Seeker, gets wrapped up with an Egyptian mummy at the museum!

5. The first rule of pet-sitting…

…is you don’t ask Pie Face to pet-sit for you! When Rubi’s away, JJ and Pie Face must look after her hamster, Galahad. But who’s going to look after them?

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