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Beano Comic Online: Try Before You Buy

Beano is the world's longest running comic and is packed full of blamtastic stories, characters, pranks, jokes and more! Dennis Menace, Gnasher, Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids and Harsha are all here! Read some of the funniest bits of this week's Beano

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 25th 2023

Beano 4170: Dodging Just Got Extreme!

1. How good is Roger at skateboarding?

Roger finds an exoskeleton dumped in the trash. He thinks it means he’ll be able to dodge out of the effort to do anything ever again, but the exoskeleton has other ideas!

2. Billy Whizz gets all shook up!

There’s nothing Billy likes better than a nice fizzy pop after a run, but as he discovers, this is nothing like a nice fizzy pop after a run! Can he think of a way to beat the fizz?

3. Teacher has a tale to tell!

Just what went on in Class 2B this week? Teacher has been summoned by Mrs Creecher to tell all… in the kids’ best classroom prank ever!

4. The Numskulls need to get some sleep!

It’s bedtime for Edd and the Numskulls, but Edd is being kept awake by a stray thought! Can the Numskulls find the answer and get some rest?

5. Dangerous Dan’s day is a washout!

When you’re Beanotown’s top spy, the last thing you need is to find your spy-tux has been through the wash! Can Dan defeat S.M.I.R.K. in such reduced circumstances?

Beano 4169: Minnie's on the Menu!

1. Can Minnie escape becoming a dino-bite?!

Minnie’s exploring Duck Island this week! It’s got real-life dinosaurs living there, and Minnie wants to join them for tea! She’d better watch out that she’s not on the menu!

2. Sketchy characters in Beanotown!

Bananaman’s getting arty – General Blight has created a giant science pencil that can rub out things in real life and replace them with something else! He’d better be quick on the draw to beat Bananaman though!

3. Console Chaos!

Dennis has gone too far this time – he’s been sent to his room and his consoles taken away! The horror! The inhumanity! How can someone be expected to survive in their room without any gaming equipment whatsoever? 

4. Sleep tight! 

Roger can dodge things in his sleep! And he’ll have to to get out of Dad’s morning routine! How is a growing boy to get any energy if the grown-ups keep waking him up5

5. Museum Mayhem!

The Bash Street Kids are visiting Beanotown Museum – I wonder what historical horrors they will inflict on the poor museum staff? Or will it be a peaceful visit this time instead? As if – have you met the Bash Street Kids?!

Beano 4168: License to Chill!

1. Freeze! Or else!

S.M.I.R.K. has been at it again - and this time they've got a really evil plot! They're going to save the world from climate change... wait! That doesn't sound right! Will Dan finally get a week off from saving the world? It can't be that simple!

2. Jump-er for joy!

Dennis has a brand new wooly jumper. It's super cosy, so it'll be good protection against the flash freeze Beanotown has this week (I wonder where that has come from?). It's even got an extra special pocket to keep Gnasher warm!

3. Movie Minx-ness!

Minnie is making a film, and it's gonna be the most awesomest, coolest movie ever! Martin Scorsese, eat your heart out! There's a new film master in town - Minnie the Minx!

4. Prehistoric Pests!

Bananaman is fighting a dinosaur in a suit! Where did they come from and who is behind this dastardly plan? What is the dastardly plan? And most importantly... how does a dinosaur get a suit to fit?

5. Bash Skate Kids!

Bash Street's playground has been turned into an ice-rink! Nobody can walk around without slipping and sliding all over the place - it's time to get the skates out. Teacher better watch out - Class 2B are a lot faster on ice!

Beano 4167: Dennis is in a HOLE lotta trouble!

1. A hole new ball game!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Dad's flying car! This gives a whole new meaning to losing your way! He's flying through the air - where will he land? And what the hole is Dennis doing in the meantime?

2. Back to the Future!

Dad's woken up from a great night's sleep. So good, in fact, that he's slept for years and woken up in the future! What's it like? What's Minnie grown up to be?

3. Everything will be all write!

Dan's on a special mission this week - what could it be? Where does that locker tunnel lead? A secret S.M.I.R.K. base? Or to Spy HQ? Or somewhere else entirely? And what is Dan doing there?

4. What's in a name?

Bash Street School is getting a new name - but Lovely Road School doesn't quite have the same ring to it! Neither does Lovely Road Kids for Class 2B - they won't change their behaviour because of the name, right?

5. The Revengers Assemble!

Bananaman will go to extreme lengths to get out of a maths lesson - even battling the Revengers! They're a supervillain group made up of all of Bananaman's greatest enemies, and they've all teamed up to beat Bananaman!

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