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Beano's Five-a-Day Joke Book - Guess the Punchline Quiz!

Do you have a comedy genius' brain? See if you can guess the ending to these awesome gags from the Beano Five-a-Day Joke Book!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  November 11th 2021

The Beano Five-a-Day Joke Book is 112 pages packed with the best side-splitters in comedy history and forms an essential part of your recommended hilarity intake!

Do you love jokes as much as we do? Of course! How well do you know your punchlines, though? Take this test and see if you can select the right ending to these jokes!

1/12 A small snake crying about something

How do you make a baby snake cry?

2/12 A boy eating his homework

Why did the boy eat his homework?

3/12 A teacher on the beach

Why did the teacher go the beach?

4/12 A ghost holding an ice cream

What was the ghost's favourite pudding?

5/12 A plate of pancakes

What do school bus drivers put on their pancakes in the morning?

6/12 A teacher in a field

How does a mathematician plough his fields?

7/12 A stylish gentleman

How did the computer programmer get out of prison?

8/12 A squirrel watching TV

Where do squirrels watch TV?


9/12 Why did the Romanian stop reading at night?

10/12 A robot reading in a classroom

Who's a robot's favourite author?

11/12 A knight standing in their armour

Who invented King Arthur's round table?

12/12 A chicken in a swimming pool

Which way round do chickens swim?

Result: Oh no!

Oh dear! Why not read Beano's Five a Day Joke Book and brush up on your punchlines!

Result: Wow!

Wow! You're a comedy genius! But why not get some inspiration from the Beano Five a Day Joke Book? There's plenty of hilarious subjects for all occasions!