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The Beano Joke Book Quiz!

Can you help Dennis guess the punchline to these 10 hilarious jokes?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

The Beano Joke Book is rammed with the most epic, LOL-worthy gags ever printed on paper! Do you have the mind of a stand-up comic? Could you help Dennis remember the punchlines to these awesome jokes? Get your funny cap on and see how many jokes you can answer correctly!

1/10 Butch Butcher high above a Beanotown street

Why didn't the butcher want to skydive?

2/10 Bananaman on an orange background

What's orange and bad for your teeth?

3/10 Rubi Pieface and a bike

Why did the bicycle have a nap?

4/10 Dennis and flowers

What did the flower say to his mum when he gave her a gift?

5/10 Professor von Screwtop in a gas mask

Scientists have discovered that diarrhoea is hereditary...

6/10 Gnasher on the London Underground

Why will a dog never win Strictly?

7/10 Stevie Star in a Beanotown street

What does a house wear?

8/10 Dennis biting into a massive burger

What's an emperor's favourite food?

9/10 Minnie in a boat

Which musical instrument is best at catching fish?

10/10 Gnasher’s fleas under a magnifying glass

Did you hear about the dog who went to see the flea circus?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! It just wasn't your day, was it? Maybe if you study the new Beano Joke Book, you'll be a total pro when it comes to telling funny one-liners!

Result: Good

Good try! It seems that some jokes are trickier than others, isn't it? Famous comedians make it look so easy, but if you take a look the new Beano Joke Book, you could probably answer these quiz questions with ease! Have another go!

Result: Great

Great work! You know a fair bit when it comes to comedy punchlines. The new Beano Joke Book is full of awesome jokes and it might help you get a perfect score!

Result: Wow

Wow! You're probably a famous stand-up comic with a perfect score like this. Or you've got your hands on the new Beano Joke Book and have put lots of study time in. Either way... well done!