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Beano Makes – 3D Paint

Make your art really stand out with this simple, squishy, foamy paint!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  October 7th 2016

You Will Need

- Sandwich bags- Scissors- Food colouring- Shaving foam- PVA glue- And some help from a grown-up!

Step 1

Pour some food colouring into a sandwich bag. Be careful - this stuff stains!

Step 2

Add some PVA glue to thicken the colouring, then reseal the bag and squish around to mix it up

Step 3

Squirt in some shaving foam, and squish it around again to mix the paint up

Step 4

Make some more colours using the same method

Step 5

Get Painting!Cut off the corner of each bag with a pair of scissors and squeeze the paint out! Let it dry and you’ll have a 3D painting. For best results paint on thicker paper or card. Try out different amounts of glue and foam for different effects!