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Beano Makes โ€“ Balloon Bassoon

Make a noise with this awesome inflatable instrument

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:ย  September 25th 2016

Make some noise with this homemade horn! Toot toot!

You Will Need

- A plastic bottle- Scissors- A balloon- A rubber band- A sports cap- And help from a grown-up!

Step 1

Carefully cut the bottom off the plastic bottle using a pair of scissors. Ask a grown-up to help.

Step 2

Cut a small hole in the bottom of the balloon

Step 3

Fit the sports cap into the hole you just made...

...and secure it with a rubber band

Step 4

Stretch the nozzle of the balloon over the bottle


To play it, keep the balloon tight by holding the mouth of the bassoon below the top of the bottle. Now blow!ย 

Mischief Tip!

Different sized bottles make different noises! Try it with some other bottles, a cardboard tube, or anything else you can fit a balloon over. Have fun!