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Beano Makes โ€“ Balloon Bouncy Balls

Here's how you can make an awesome bouncy ball!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:ย  April 20th 2017

You will need:

- Balloons - Water - Scissors

Step 1

Attach a balloon to a water bottle (or a you can use a tap) and fill it up with water

Step 2

Tie the balloon in a knot. The balloon might be wet and slippery, so make sure you don't drop it!

Step 3

Cut the end off the balloon - but make sure you leave the knot in place

Step 4

Cut the end off a new balloon

Step 5

Squeeze the water-filled balloon into the new balloon

Step 6

Cut the end off a new balloon, and squeeze the balloon in again

Step 7

You can continue layering more balloons to make it stronger and bouncier. You might need a friend to help you though, as stretching the balloons can get tricky.

Step 8

For the final balloon, don't cut off the end.Stretch the opening, squeeze in the water balloon, and then tie a tight, final knot. Once you're done - cut off the rest of the tail.