Beano Makes - Balloon Hovercraft

Scoot about the house with this inflatable whizz-machine!

You will need

- A balloon

- A sports cap

- Blu Tack

- A blank CD or DVD

- And some help from a grown-up!

Some parts laid out on a table

Step 1

Attach the balloon to the top of the sports cap

A balloon stretched over a bottle cap

Step 2

Make a sausage-shape out of the Blu Tack by rolling it between your hands. Now wrap it around the bottom of the sports cap.

Blu Tack being rolled around a bottle cap

Step 3

Attach the sports cap to the CD by placing it over the hole in the middle, and pressing the Blu Tack down with your fingers

A bottle cap being fixed to the center of a CD with blu tak

Step 4

Inflate the balloon by blowing through the hole in the CD. Close the sports cap to keep the air in!

A finished balloon hovercraft

Let it go!

Place your hovercraft down on a flat surface. When you’re ready, open the sports cap and give it a push! Try it out on some different surfaces – or make a few and have a race with your mates!

A flying balloon hovercraft

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