Beano Makes - Grassheads

Mr and Mrs Grasshead have popped their heads out for the sunshine!

You will need

- Soil

- Tights

- Cress seeds

- Scissors

- Decorations

And some help from an adult!

What you will need to make grow your own grassheads

Step 1

Cut about 20 cms off the bottom of each tight

Cut the end off the tights

Step 2

Roll them into ring shapes

Roll them into ring shapes

Step 3

Add the seeds to the bottom of the tights

Add the seeds

Step 4

Add about 12 tablespoons of soil to each tight

Add soil

Step 5

Make sure they are both filled up

Fill them up

Step 6

Tie them tightly

Tie them tightly

Step 7

Decorate them with faces. We made our designs just using paper and then attached with some tape.

Decorate them

Leave your Grassheads by a window to grow!

Unless you forget to water them... then they become Bald Heads!


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