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Beano Makes – Kaleidoscope

Create some crazy colours!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  February 24th 2017

You will need

- Tin foil- A ruler- Cardboard- Sticky tape- A snack tube- A wooden skewer- 2 sheets of paper- 2 beads- Scissors And some help from an adult - make sure you use the scissors carefully

You'll also need

Some decorations e.g. coloured pens, stickers, anything to make your kaleidoscope colourful!

Step 1

Cut the end off the snack tube

Step 2

Measure the length of the tube and mark the cardboard

Step 3

Make a rectangle on the cardboard by drawing a second mark horizontally and connect the marks together. Then, carefully, cut out your rectangle.

Step 4

Cover the rectangle with tin foil using sticky tape to secure the edges

Step 5

Curl up the cardboard and slide it into the tube. If your cardboard is too long, you can cut it to be shorter.

Step 6

Draw a circle on a sheet of paper, and then cut it outYou'll need the circle to be double the size of the snack tube, so we suggest using the lid as a guide

Step 7

Decorate the circle however you like. We suggest dividing the circle into sections to create the most colourful patterns.

Step 8

Tape a wooden skewer to the side of the tube

Step 9

Wrap a sheet of paper around the tube and tape it to hold it in place. If you want to decorate the paper, make sure you draw on it before it gets attached.

Step 10

Put a bead on the end of the skewer. Then, poke the end of the skewer through the paper wheel. Add another bead to the end. If you need to hold it in place, you can attach is with some sticky tack or tape.

Give it a spin!

Take a look and see. How crazy are your colours?