Beano Makes - Marshmallow Catapult

Can you shoot your sweets to space?

You will need

- 7 bamboo skewers

- 1 rubber band

- 4 marshmallows

- A plastic spoon

- And some ammo (like more marshmallows!)

Step 1

Stick each skewer between 2 marshmallows to make a triangle

Step 2

Add 3 more skewers diagonally to create a pyramid

Step 3

Add a marshmallow on top

Step 4

Attach the spoon to a skewer using some sticky tape

Step 5

Put the rubber band over the top of the pyramid

Step 6

Stick the skewer (with the spoon) inside the rubber band, and poke it straight into the marshmallow at the base

Ready, aim, fire!

See how far you can fire

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