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Beano Makes – How to Make a Paper Rocket

Fold me to the moon!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  January 12th 2017

You will need

- a straw- a pen- sticky tape- scissors- paper- a bottle lid- and help from a grown up!

Step 1 - Cut out a paper square that's has the same length as the straw

Step 2 - Roll the paper square around the straw

Step 3 - Tape the paper roll

Step 4 - Cut out a circle from the paper

Step 5 - Cut a triangle out of the circle

Step 6 - Fold the circle into a cone shape

Step 7 - Cut out two triangles to make the wings of the rocket

Step 8 - Tape the wings and the nose cone to the body and add some decorations or logos with your pen!

We have lift off!