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Beano Makes – Ping Pong Bazooka

Blast away your ping pong opponents!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  January 19th 2017

You will need

- A postal tube- A cardboard tube- Thick tape- Scissors- Some cardboard scraps- 6 rubber bands- 1 ping pong ball- And some help from a grown up! We used the cardboard tube from a kitchen roll, and it perfectly slides into our postal tube

Step 1

Cut up your cardboard to cover the end of the kitchen roll tube. This blocks the ping pong ball from falling out and stops the smaller tube from disappearing into the larger one.

Step 2

Use tape to securely attach the end of the kitchen roll tube. Don't add too much tape, or attach it too far down the tube, as it might make your bazooka fire slowly.

Step 3

Tie 6 rubber bands together. You'll need wrap them around one end of the postal tube to test their length, and stretch them to halfway along the tube. You can mark that spot with a pen to make the next step easier.

Step 4

Use your 2 cardboard scraps to attach the rubber bands to the postal tube. Loop one end of your rubber bands through one piece of scrap cardboard, and tape it to the tube. Use your mark as a guideline for how far your rubber bands will stretch.

Turn your tube and repeat. Attach the other end of your rubber bands to your other cardboard strip, and securely tape it to the tube.

Step 5

Assemble your bazooka. Take the smaller cardboard tube from Steps 1 and 2, and slot it into the postal tube under the rubber bands. Now, when you pull on the end, the rubber bands should snap it back into place.

Step 6

Get ready for battle, and use your new bazooka to obliterate your ping-pong opponents!