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Beano Makes – Skee-Ball

Arcade bowling, without the trip to the beach!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  April 27th 2017

You will need

- Cardboard boxes- Scissors- Decorations- Packing tape- Ping-pong ball

Step 1

Draw some evenly spaced circles on one part of a large piece of cardboard

Step 2

Cut out the circles. Make sure each one is big enough for your ball to easily fit through. Smaller holes will be more challenging to aim for.

Step 3

Using scissors, score a line halfway across each flap of cardboard. Then fold them in half, taping them securely, to create guard rails.

Step 4

Unfold the second cardboard box, and draw a line length-ways across the box. Separate each side into two triangles with a dotted line.

Step 5

Draw another dotted line to make a support tab. Scribble out the central area.

Step 6

Cut out the cardboard that you scribbled on, and cut along the straight dotted line, to create two pieces

Step 7

Fold all the tabs in, and tape them together, to create a support for the main board.

Step 8

Attach the supports to the bottom of the board, using plenty of tape. Once both supports are secure, try flipping it over to check that it stands up all on its own.

Step 9

Take a final rectangle of cardboard. Cut out a triangle from the left flap, and cut the right flap in half. It should look like this.

Step 10

Attach the rectangle flap to the back of the supports. it should sit underneath the holes you made earlier. Then, attach the triangle flap to the bottom of the supports.

Step 11

Tape it all together to make it secure. It should start to look like this.

Step 12

Make a slot for the ball to return, by cutting a flap from from the top section of cardboard. Make sure the ball can fit through it!

Step 13

Get those decorations ready, and draw on your Skee-Ball board! Make sure you give different point numbers for your holes, and make it nice and colourful.

Ready to play?