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Beano Makes – How to Make a Snowglobe

Shake up your Christmas!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  December 23rd 2016

You will need:

- Some decorations- Glycerine- Sticky-tack- Glitter- A jar (some jars might leak, so make sure you use a waterproof container, like the Mason Jar we used)

Step 1

Attach your decorations to the inside of the lid. Make sure each decoration is secured with plenty of sticky tack.

Step 2

Add enough glycerine to fill up 1/10th of your jar. Using more glycerine will make the water more sticky, making the "snow" in your snowglobe fall slower.

Step 3

Add enough glitter to cover the glycerine. You can use any colours you like - we used red stars and gold for ours.

Step 4

Fill up your jar with water. If you have too much, water will get pushed out by your decorations when you try to close it. If you have too little, you'll end up with an air bubble at the top of the snowglobe.

Step 5

Close your jar, but be careful to clean up any spills. If you still see air bubbles in the top of your snowglobe, add more water.Want more Christmas Beano Makes? Check out Beano Makes Fake Snow!