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Beano Makes – The Periscope

It's all just cardboard and mirrors

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  February 2nd 2017

You will need

- A medium-sized piece of cardboard- 2 x mirrors- Scissors- Tape- A felt-tip pen- Some help from an adult!

Step 1

Draw out 4 lanes on your cardboard sheet. Use the width of the mirror as a guide and make sure that your cardboard is big enough for all 4 lanes, and an extra tab that you can tape later on.

Step 2

Using your mirror as a measurement, draw a triangle, square, and triangle along the bottom of the cardboard. Draw a second square in the final right lane.

Step 3

Draw lines inside the triangle section, this area will be covered by a mirror. Carefully cut out the dotted square on the right, like this. The square hole will be the viewer, where you look through.

Step 4

Rotate your cardboard and draw the same shapes, in a slightly different order (Square, triangle, square, triangle). If it looks like this, cut out the dotted square in the third lane. This will make the other end of the viewer, where you can look out through.

Step 5

You need to make cardboard mounts to put your mirrors at the correct angles. To do this, take some scrap cardboard and draw lines with your marker - measure the length of 1 short side, 1 long side, and the other short side, like this:

Step 6

Once you cut the strips up, they should look like this

Step 7

Tape your 2 strips into triangles. Your triangle should have 2 side that are the same length, and one longer side. If it doesn't, cut it.

Step 8

You'll then need to attach your mirrors to the triangle. Use a loop of tape to fix them to the longest side of the triangle. If you've done everything correctly, it should look like this...

Step 9

Use another loop of tape to attach the mirrors to the cardboard. Line up the square side of the triangle with the square section that you crossed out with your marker, and attach the mirror there. Make sure the mirrors are facing each other, and have one lane of space between them, like this...

Step 10

If your mirrors are securely attached, fold up your cardboard to make a square tube

Step 11

Tape it up, and you should have a fully functioning periscope!

Go get 'scoping!