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Beano Makes – The Raspophone

Buzz away the boredom with this nifty noise-maker!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  November 4th 2016

You will need

- 2 wooden spoons (lollipop sticks or something similar would also work)- 2 rubber bands- 1 cocktail stick- A small strip of paper

Step 1

Place the small strip of paper on one of the spoons

Step 2

Put the other spoon on top of the paper

Step 3

Wrap a rubber band around one end of the spoons

Do the same for the other end

Step 4

Snap the cocktail stick in half

Step 4

Poke the 2 halves of the cocktail stick between the spoons, so one is above the paper strip, and the other below it

It should look like this

Step 5

Decorate it however you want!

Get rasping!

Grip the raspophone between your lips and blow! You should hear a soothing, sweet buzzing noise. Only joking - it's super annoying!

Try some different sizes and designs, or make a load of them and start a band!