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Beano Makes… Things You Can LAUNCH!

Let loose these legendary launch-ables! BANG! CRASH! WHOOSH!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  June 15th 2017

Stupendous Stomp Cannon

  • You will need - box, scissors, card, bag, tape, ammo
  • Cut the box to lay it flat
  • Cut off one end piece of the box, and the 4 flaps from the top and bottom of the box
  • Use your A4 sheet of card to make a tube for the barrel of your cannon.
  • Make sure that the tube is the right size to fit a ping-pong ball through it
  • Trace the end of the tube, marking out a circle on the end panel of your cardboard
  • Tape the folds
  • Attach the bag to the barrel, and tape it up so that it's airtight
  • Assemble your two different pieces
  • Tape the bag to the base
  • Stomp away!

Fuel up a fizzy rocket

  • You will need - fizzy tablets, pop-cap tube, water
  • Decorate your rocket any way you want.
  • Break the tablets up into pieces and drop them into the rocket...
  • Pour a little bit of water into the rocket and put the cap back on as quick as you can!
  • See how high you can get it to lift off!

Construct a chaotic vortex cannon

Prepare a Ping Pong Bazooka

  • You will need - a postal tube, cardboard tube, tape, scissors, cardboard, rubber bands, ammo
  • Cut up your cardboard to cover the end of the kitchen roll tube
  • Use tape to securely attach the end of the kitchen roll tube
  • Tie 6 rubber bands together
  • Use your 2 cardboard scraps to attach the rubber bands to the postal tube
  • Turn your tube and repeat
  • Assemble your bazooka
  • Get ready for battle, and use your new bazooka to obliterate your ping-pong opponents!