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Beano Monster Cards!

Want to know what your spooky future holds? Learn the (not so) mystic secrets behind Beano's Monster Cards

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Want to know your spooky future? Just ask the Beano Monster Cards! Use the 8 pictures to help you decide what to do this Halloween! 

Just shuffle the pack and pick a card and you can learn your funny fate! Have you picked the Gym Frog? That means you'll be having a sporty day! Or maybe you've got the Mystic Banana? That means you're going to find some crisps! Exciting, right? Who knows what the future holds? Now you knows, with Beano Monster Cards!*

*Beano Monster Cards don't ACTUALLY tell the future. But it'd be pretty cool if they did!

Mystic Banana

Ah yes, the Mystic Banana, the many tentacled banana of fate. The Mystic Banana is associated with love, luck and finding old crisps in your jeans pocket. Personality type: Those who choose the mystic banana will be in for a surprise in the near future; this could be a fun surprise like discovering the freezer is full of ice cream, or a bad surprise, like discovering the freezer is full of toenail clippings. Either way, the Mystic Banana will guide you to your future with it’s loving yellow feelers. Your lucky number is six, and your lucky word is ‘pebbledash!’ (but only if shouted loudly at a random moment)

Goblin Cat

Oh no, the Goblin Cat! Don’t worry, although Goblin Cat looks like the creepy pet of a weird witch, it can actually bring great fortune. Personality type:  Goblin Cat is the card of change, which means you could be moving house, getting a new hobby, or FINALLY changing your pants (Seriously, a week is too long). Those who choose the Goblin Cat card are intelligent, beautiful and obsessed with conkers. Your lucky day is Tuesday and your lucky animal is a walrus


Is it Batman? No, it’s Batbat, a normal bat except for it’s amazing way of telling the future. Those who choose the Batbat card are secretive, resourceful and good at minigolf. Personality type: Batbat signifies mischief, so some pranks may be about to happen. Maybe you’ll put a fake beetle in your mum’s sandwich, or maybe she’ll dye all your clothes black and orange, either way, someone’s about to get pranked! Your lucky colour is beige, and your lucky footballer is Marcus Rashford 


The Multicorn is the swiss army knife of Unicorns; lots of horns and lots of skills. Multicorn is associated with skill, creativity and biscuit crumbs. Those who choose Multicorn are often talented artists with lots of allergies. Personality type: If you get Multicorn, expect bad weather to come your way (Just you, though, it won’t rain on anyone else) and you should be wary of a tall man dressed as a chicken (To be honest, everyone should be wary of that). Your lucky month is June and your lucky town is Newcastle-Under-Lyme. 

Gym Frog

This four-armed, fist-headed creature spends lots of its free time in the gym, and because it’s a frog, that’s most of its waking hours. The Gym Frog will often appear in the corner of a darkened room and tell you about how many weights it lifted that day, using a torch to illuminate its angry face. If you’re extra unlucky, the Gym Frog will offer you a glug of its special post-workout shake which is made of pond water and bin juice. Personality type: People who are  fans of this muscular amphibian tend to be very tidy, but only on a Friday morning. Your lucky number is three and your lucky words are ‘totally’ and ‘shredded’.

Teenage Wolf

Not to be confused with the 80s carnivore-based comedy Teen Wolf and its Netflix spinoff drama, Teenage Wolf has little time for mucking about. Only too happy to offer up a sports fact, this beastie boy loves to howl at the moon once in a while and will often howl trivia in the night.  Personality type: People who are on #TeamWolf work well with others, always clear their plates away but cannot be trusted around a chicken coop. Your lucky day is Saturday and your lucky animal is a small greyhound.

The Spooky Bedsheet

Don’t  confuse this monster with the type of ordinary bedsheet you’d find folded in a large drawer. This grumpy material moans and groans about the type of day its had, while appearing at the foot of your bed just as you’re about to sleep. Personality type: People who choose the Haunted Bedsheet typically don’t like broccoli, wear odd socks and wish it could be Halloween every day. Which is a cool way of saying you love free sweets.Your lucky colour is purple, and your lucky Teen Titans Go! character is Raven.

Creepy Toilet

This bathroom’s key player thinks its fun to flush in the middle of the night, or if they’re feeling extra mischievous, while you’re still sitting on it. No amount of chemicals can make this porcelain chair clean, so it constantly looks like it should be in a scary film or that abandoned building you have to walk past on the way to the park. Personality type: Those who choose the Creepy Toilet are extra windy and we’re not talking about the weather. On the plus side, you’re helpful and can make cats laugh, but only the once.Your lucky month is August and your lucky city is Sunderland.

Download your own Monster Cards here!!

Just click the picture and you can download your own Monster cards which you can then print out and play with your pals. You'll need to cut them up though, so remember to ask a responsible adult to help you!