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Beano Power Awards: Beano Power Up Award

The late Queen Elizabeth II is the winner of the Beano Power Up Award

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 6th 2023

The winner is... Queen Elizabeth II

This year's nominees – England football star and I'm a Celebrity... winner Jill Scott MBE, Manchester United and England football ace (and Beano guest editor) Marcus Rashford MBE, and late, heroic YouTuber Technoblade – are all clearly loved by Beano readers, judging by the number of votes, but this year's Power Up Award belongs to the late Queen Elizabeth II. Clocking up a mightily impressive 70 years and 214 days on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II was the UK’s longest reigning monarch ever. Not only was she a super-monarch and the personification of quiet wisdom and humility, she was also a trained mechanic, served in WW2, and sent one of the first-ever emails. The crowds which lined the streets of London for her September funeral simply showed how loved she was by the public.