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Beano Power Awards 2022: Favourite Creator

MrBeast has been crowned as winner in the Beano Power Awards' Favourite Creator category!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 12th 2023

The winner is... MrBeast!

In the internet world, it's been a fantastic 12 months for The Norris Nuts, MattHDGamer and Lexi Hensler. But it was MrBeast ‚Ästaka Jimmy Donaldson ‚Äď who is by far and away your favourite content creator judging by the sheer amount of votes in this year's Beano Power Awards. Whether he's giving away a plane or just seeing which of his mates can successfully win some mind-bogglingly difficuly challenges, there's always something awesome happening on Mr Beast‚Äôs YouTube channel. He won Fave YouTuber in 2020 and now he can add another Beano Power Award to his shelf!

MrBeast | YouTube