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Beano Summer Survival Guide: How To Rule the Beach

Want to make the beach EVEN BETTER? Check out these top tips!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Ah, everyone likes the beach - the fresh air, the sweet scream of seagulls, the sand in your ice cream for the 5th time... it's the perfect day out. But what if you could make your trip to the beach even more fun? Impossible, you say?

Wrong! Just follow this how to guide for the best day at the beach ever!

1. Try to Beat the Sea

Building sandcastles is always a good idea. But you can make it extra fun by building one at low tide, and then trying to stop the sea washing it away as the sea comes back in again. Add extra defenses like walls, turrets and moats - and see how long it'll last!

2. Talk like a Fisherman All Day

You're at the beach now, so try to blend in and act like one of the locals. That means wearing a big yellow rain mac and saying OOO ARRR a lot. Complete the look by squinting in one eye and complaining about the weather. Pirates are also acceptable.

3. Go crabbing!

Find a nice quiet bit of beach and carefully lift up some rocks. There are lots of different crab species in the UK, and you can be sure you'll find something if you look hard enough. You can also find things like starfish, sponges, anemones - even types of lobster and shark! None of these animals are dangerous in the UK (though crabs can be a bit pinchy) but you should treat them with respect. Just have a look and then leave them alone!

4. Build a Sandman (or woman!)

It's like a snowman, but made of sand! Did you forget to bring a carrot to the beach? Use an ice cream cone for a nose instead. Seaweed makes a great hairdo, too! Top tip: use slightly wet sand (the dry stuff gets everywhere!) And the best thing about sand people? They don't melt!

5. Play some Beach Sports

Play some games with your family or friends, but give it a seaside twist! You could play frisbee whilst eating ice cream, hold a limbo tournament whilst eating ice cream, or do a tug of war whilst eating ice cream. There are all kinds of games you could play - but you should probably eat an ice cream at some point. You're at the beach, after all!

Spongebob | Nickelodeon via giphy

6. Make a Human Sacrifice

You know birds are directly descended from dinosaurs? You can turn this natural history fact into FUN by making a tiny human victim out of bread and sacrificing it to the seagulls. Extra points if you build a sand temple of doom and dress up like a wizard. The horror!