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Beano Superstars – Darlene

Here's all you need to know about Dangerous Dan's mum!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 26th 2022
Beano Superstars – Darlene

Hello! How are you? I'm Darlene, but you'll probably know me better as Dangerous Dan and Sienna's mum.

Dan's a lovely boy and seems to be very busy. He must have a lot of homework as he says he's always off to the library or has to walk around town to get some facts for a project he's doing at school. Sometimes his dad will join him. I still couldn't tell you what my husband does for a living. Something to do with filing? I'm not sure why they both need to wear a freshly-pressed tuxedo when they go there. I mean, it's nice, but it's hardly the fanciest place in Beanotown, is it?

If there's one thing I'd say about Dan, is that he loves a gadget. He's obsessed with technology and his bedroom is rammed with tiny computers and wires and headsets. I don't know where he gets them all from. He certainly didn't get them for his birthday or Christmas, so I assume that he borrows them from Bash Street School for his work. That school must have lots of money, because those gizmos look very expensive. It was very different when I was younger. We didn't even have tablets to work on. Just paper! Imagine that.

We often have a movie night at the weekend. Well, when Dan isn't off out doing his school work or seeing his friends. Me, my husband, Dan and Sienna get comfy with our popcorn and drinks and pick a film to watch. We always seem to watch a James Bond film. Dan and his dad are obsessed with spy films. I don't mind, though. They're all good fun, but Sienna says they're boring and will play with her toys instead.

Well, that's all from me. Eat your vegetables, keep your rooms tidy, and if you need to borrow a gadget from school, do look after it!

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