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Beano Superstars – Hani Chandra

Meet the youngest member of the Chandra family!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 17th 2022

My dad runs Har Har’s Joke Shop and it might be the coolest place in the work. 

I’m the youngest in our family. There’s my dad Hari, my mum Sahana, and my sisters Heena and Harsha. Heena is the oldest and is pretty grumpy sometimes. Mum says it’s because she’s a teenager and it’ll happen to me one day. 

We’re always playing pranks on each other – dad and Harsha are into practical jokes in a BIG way – and the house can become chaotic until mum pulls us into line. My dad says it’s important for families to prank together. We always have fun together, that is until Heena brings loads of school work home and becomes super grumpy. She’s fine during the summer holidays, though. 

Harsha always tries to get me to help her when she’s planning more daring and ambitious pranks. I always point out what could go wrong or how the prank could be improved, but she never listens to my advice and she’s always really surprised when it backfires. 

Outside of practical jokes, I spend my time playing computer games, playing football, reading about dinosaurs and or just hanging out with my friends. I even like school! That seems to surprise people for some reason. I find the lessons pretty easy so I always pass my tests without really truing. 

One of my special abilities is having puppy dog eyes. If I get into trouble at school or at home, I always make my eyes bigger and it’s like a using a passport to get out of being told off. Just widen your eyes, stare into their soul and try to look sad.  It works every single time. It’s very handy when you’ve done the most blam prank and there’s a chance of being told off. Try it!

Hani Chandra Fact File

Name: Hani Chandra

Age: 9


Best friend:

Worst enemy:

Prized possessions:


Super skill: Getting out of trouble by using his 'puppy dog' eyes!

Family: Mum, dad, Heena and Harsha

Address: The flat above Har Har’s Joke Shop