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Beano Superstars – Janitor

Meet the person with Beanotown's hardest job – Bash Street School's janitor and all-round handyman!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 17th 2022
Beano Superstars - Janitor

My name is Ralf Chustace and I’ve been in charge of keeping Bash Street School clean and ship-shape for as long as anyone in Beanotown can remember. There are rumours that I used to be a student here, but there are also rumours that he's super secret agent spy working for the Queen. Who knows? I was probably standing at the gates waiting to go to work before the school was even built, but don't believe everything you read on the internet! 

My alarm goes off before the birds have even considered getting out of their beds and go to work, with my trusty mop and bucket. I open the school and mop the floors and make sure all the damage caused by the Bash Street Kids is fixed before the teachers arrive. 

I’m very busy all day in my room, in which I store all the cleaning products and tools needed to keep a school looking brand new. The students don’t see me much as they keep me busy. But you can guarantee that when they do see me, I’ll always have time to show them an amazing trick or offer some wise words.

I love a prank. I’ve been doing them for years, but I’m careful not to let the students know it’s me or they’ll hound me for prank tips! I’m mysterious that way. Who wrapped Teacher’s desk in tin foil? Was it me? I cannot confirm or deny doing such a good prank. All right, it was me, but don’t tell him!

I get on with the teachers and Olive the dinner ladies. They’re always offering me seconds or food boxes to take home, but I politely decline, because… well, you’ve seen the school dinners, haven’t you? No, thank you!

At the end of the day, janitors are expected to clean up and prepare the school for another day, but I lock the door and forget about it until the morning. It’s exhausting!

Janitor Fact File

Name: Ralf Chustace

Age: Not telling

Birthday: That would be telling!

Best friend: The teachers and Olive the Dinnerladies

Worst enemy: Dirt and broken things

Prized possessions: My mop and bucket

Motto: 'Someone's been sick? I'll get the sawdust...'

Super skill: I can fix practically anything

Address: I might as well put Bash Street School, if I'm being honest

Fact: I once ate a whole school dinner!