Beano Superstars - The Numskulls

Meet the little people who live in your head

The Numskulls are the little people who live in your head. They control your brain and all your senses, so if they're having a bad day, you probably are too!

Name: The Numskulls

Age: Your Numskulls are the same age as you

Birthday: They have the same birthday as you, too!

Best friend: You!

Worst enemy: That's probably you as well. Or maybe the Bumskulls! Don't ask where they live, although it's definitely downwind of the Tumskulls...

Prized possessions: Earwax balls, bogies, dreams and emotions

Motto: One for all and all for Num!

Super skill: Working together (well, sometimes)

Family: Other Numskulls

Address: The Head, You Street!

Fact: Your Numskulls look a bit like you! 

Your Numskulls - Brainy

Brainy is in charge of the brain. It's up to him to listen to the other Numskulls and try to get them to do what's best for you. That doesn't always work out too well, though!

Your Numskulls - Cruncher

Cruncher controls your mouth. He makes you eat, speak and sometimes dribble a bit out of the corner of your mouth. Ew! 

Your Numskulls - Blinky

Blinky is in charge of your eyes and it's his job to tell Brainy when he sees something important

Your Numskulls - Radar

Radar is in charge of your ears. He listens out for anything which might be interesting and reports to Brainy. He's also in charge of shovelling ear wax out of your earholes, so next time you have to clean them, you can blame him!

Your Numskulls - Snitch

Snitch lives in your nose and has 2 important jobs: sniffing out smells and making sure any snot your body produces comes out of your nostrils! Yuck!

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