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BeanoToons – Unicorn Krew

These unicorn grime stars are done taking orders from cute princesses - and here's the rap to prove it!


Give me a beat.

Oh yes what a lovely cup of tea,

One sugar, some milk,

What a lovely part-y.

Let me paint a picture for you that you fail to see,

It’s 10 sugars for you and none for me.

So hold up!

Unicorn products everywhere I look,

So we’ve come back to take something you took.

This mug, this saucer, this pic of my daughter

Stop selling our image, IT’S OUT OF ORDER!

Hold up!

We were once a tribe so noble,

But now we work for “unicorns global.”

Unicorn hats,

Unicorn nails,

Unicorns cakes,

Unicorn tails?!

Our CEO, our queen at the top,

She’s doesn’t like to share with us filthy lot.

Well imagine I drank from a human shaped cup?

I made you make them all then took a 90% cut?!

So this is a hold up,

And we want equality,

We want freedom,

From your nobility.

We want justice,

We want your crown,

Not to run a kingdom

But to…

Smash It. To. The. Ground.

Smash the crown!

Take the throne!

No more rule!

Rainbows for all!

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