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Beanotown Confidential – The Cinema

Where all the funniest movies get shown

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 12th 2017

It's the 7th Widescreen Wonder of the World!

This isn't just any old cinema. This is the greatest cinema in movie history. 96 screens? Check. Sticky red carpets? Check. And a guy at the door wearing one of those funny coats with a golden fringe on each shoulder? Check.This is where everyone in town comes to see the latest movies. Sometimes they're brilliant, like Star Paws. 

Some aren't quite so good, like The Hungry Games

Some of them are just awful, like the latest James Bone movie, Dog Inspectre - that's a proper dog's dinner, that is!

And some of them are just so terrifying that we can't even mention them by name, just like He Who Shall Not Be Named, or whatever his name was

It is, of course, quite expensive to go to the movies. Once you've paid for your tickets, popcorn and gigantic buckets of fizzy pop, your dad won't have much change from a year's wages. Still, everyone's got to have something to throw around once the lights go off!