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Beanotown Superstars - Mahira of the Match!

Meet Beanotown Untied's latest soccer sensation!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2022

My name is Mahira Salim. I’m 10 years old and go to Bash Street School. This is my story!

My grandparents really want me to become a doctor, but I have dreams of becoming the first ever Pakistani Premier League football star. I play for Beanotown Untied WFC – yes, untied – and love absolutely everything about football. 

It seems I was destined to be a football player, as I was signed up after a scout saw me playing keep-ups with my teddy at nursery. Once I got my own ball, that was it!

Parents are supportive and come to support our team all the time. They’re quite loud watching from the touchline. If they think the referee is wrong, they’ll certainly let them know – but really politely. No point shouting at someone because they’re in charge of the game!

I think I do well in school – especially in maths – but every other moment is spent practicing my football skills. I sometimes think about football statistics and facts and weave them into my maths lessons. I sometimes play Super- Epic Turbo Cricket for fun, but football is my first love. Sorry, maths!

My older brother ‘Mani’ is a professional footballer at Beanotown Untied. He’s a defender, but don’t tell him this, but I can easily get the ball around him when we’re always having a kick about in the garden. He pretends that he lets me do it because I’m his little sister, but I think we both know who’s the boss on the ball.

I play in golden boots which once belonged to the Pakistani football star Reehala Zarmeen, but just because I’ve got the fanciest boots, please don’t think I’m one of those players who is a showoff. I bring everyone I can into the game because teamwork is the only way to make the dream work! 

If I think I’ve had a decent game, I’ll treat myself to a Kulfi, which is a frozen dessert from southern Asia – they’re so good!

Mahira of the Match Fact File

Name: Mahira Salim

Age: 10

Best friend: Her football team mates, classmates and her parents

Worst enemy: Anyone who tries to stand in the way of her footie dreams

Prized possession: A pair of golden boots that supposedly once belonged to Reehala Zarmeen, plus her collection of football shirts

Motto: 'Teamwork makes the dream work!'

Super skill: Keep-ups and a free kick specialist!

Family: Mum Kameela, dad Mansoor, brother Suleman and her grandparents

Address: You could say she'd live on the pitch, given half the chance!

Fact: Mahria owns a football shirt worn by World Cup winner Megan Rapinoe!