Bear Grylls Quiz

Can you help Bear Grylls survive the wilderness? Take this epic quiz to find out!


You're on a mission to the jungles of deepest Borneo. Which of these things do you bring with you?


Ok, your gear is all packed and you're ready to parachute into the jungle. Where in the landing zone do you aim for?


You've just landed and your parachute is stuck up a tree. What do you do?


It's really hot and you're getting pretty thirsty. What do you do?

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What's for lunch, Bear?

Totally Random Question

What do you think about the age ratings on computer games?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

You have to get through a thick bit of jungle to get to your camping spot. What do you do?

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Which of these is more important for survival?

Image by @beargrylls | instagram

You finally make it to your camping spot. What do you do now?


It's the middle of the night and you hear the snuffling noises of a large animal. What do you do?


You're near the end of your mission - all you have to do is cross this gigantic river! How are you going to get across?

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