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BeReal Facts That Be Really Interesting

How Much Do You Know About BeReal? Six Fun Facts To Help Your Apps and Gaming Know-How!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 20th 2022

Even my Grandad says Facebook is rubbish, kids are bored with seeing the same-old boring Instagram reels, and even TikTok’s been invaded by parents lip-synching to cheesy songs. So maybe there’s space for a new social media app that isn’t about being famous or funny filters. The social media platform BeReal, says it’s “not another social network”; instead, it’s about showing real-life, no matter how mundane it might be! The Beano investigated, and this is what we discovered:

1. BeReal Has An Age Limit!

Woah there! BeReal is for ages 12+. If you’re younger than this and thinking why do I have to wait for this one when I‘m allowed WhatsApp, then you may be surprised to find out that, according the, the age limit for WhatsApp in Europe is 16+ years. In fact, nearly all social media sites have a 13+ age limit. This includes Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Luckily, nobody under the age of 40 wants to use Facebook anyway so we didn’t need to look up the age limit for that site!

2. BeReal Shows Your Real Life Even When It’s Boring!

BeReal is all about showing your real life, whatever you’re doing! It will surprise you two times a day asking you to share a photo of exactly what you’re up to, whatever it is! You have two minutes to respond or you’ll miss your chance! It’s another great reason not to look at your phone when you’re doing a poo!

3. BeReal Takes Two Photos At Once!

BeReal’s tech captures two images when you take the photo. One with the front camera and one with the back. This shows your friends what you’re doing and you’re reaction to it! An awesome double snapshot into your real-life!

4. BeReal Shows The Real You!

There are no filters in BeReal. Looking good isn’t really what it’s about. Anyway, it’s time we realised that we don’t have to superimpose cat ears on ourselves to be interesting and cool. That is, unless you’re a Quiz Writer at the Beano website. They need as much help as possible!

5. Liking Things Is Out On BeReal!

BeReal has no system for ‘likes’ and no “followers” either. The company that built BeReal say “BeReal won’t make you famous, if you want to become an influencer, you can stay on TikTok and Instagram.” It’s an interesting idea, especially if you’re tired of seeing constant instagram reels of people talking about themselves! Less good if you were planning on becoming the next new internet sensation. Don’t expect the next Mr Beast to emerge from BeReal!

6. BeReal has RealMojis!

We love the sound of this feature… Instead of using normal emojis, users can react with ‘RealMojis.’ They’re personalised selfie versions of emojis that capture your real emotions. BeReal is about being the real you in your posts AND your reactions to your friend’s posts. Now you can’t leave a crying-with-laughter-face just to be polite!