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Best End of Term Pranks!

It's the last day of school and you want to go out with a bang? Well, we've got some sick ideas!

Best End of Term Pranks!

It’s the last day of school and you want to go out with a bang? Well, we’ve got some sick ideas!

The end of school fast approaching, which means only one thing – SUMMER HOLIDAYS! EEEK! But there’s still more fun to be had… The last day of school!

If you wanna make this the sickest last day of school ever, here’s some great pranks to play on your teachers and mates. You’ll be seriously LOLing at their reactions – just be careful you don’t get in trouble.

And before you watch the video, let’s have a quick look at some of the pranks in store…

Pyjama party

Hate getting changed into your school clothes? Hey, it’s the end of term – so don’t bother. Just rock up to the playground wearing your PJs. Sorted.

Super cereal

Thought those Rice Crispo’s were just for breakfast? Well, you were wrong! There’s much better things you can do than just eat them – you can fill your teacher’s draw with all those little pieces of puffed rice. But maybe don’t add milk.

Eggy cakes

Mmm, lovely cupcakes! Well, that’s what we usually say but once you get your chops round this stinky buns, you might think otherwise – that’s because they’re full of egg. Talk about about being the butt of the yolk!