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Best Skateboarding Quiz

Take this awesome quiz and test your skateboard knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 18th 2022

Best Skateboard Quiz

1/8 Old man on skateboard

Who invented the skateboard?

2/8 Boy skateboarding

Which Olympics first featured skateboarding?

3/8 Dog on skateboard

Which of these is NOT a skateboarding move?

4/8 Skateboard

What's a 'nose-guard'?

5/8 Tortoise on skateboard

What's the longest recorded distance travelled on a skateboard in one go?

6/8 Girl with skateboard

Where is the USA's largest skatepark?

7/8 Boy on skateboard

What did champion skateboarder Tony Hawk help design in 2018?

8/8 Dog on skateboard

True or False: In the 1990's the American military tried using skateboards in warfare?

Awesome result

Woah, nice one! You're a skateboarding master! I hope you're ready for the next Olympics!

Well done result

Well done, you know quite a bit about skateboarding! Very impressive!

Try again result

Hmm, well you know a little bit about skateboarding, but it's not your biggest passion

Oh no result

Oh no, you're not into skateboarding at all! Maybe now's a good time to start a new hobby?