Best Stationery Ever?

Back to school soon, so you'll need some new pens. Here are your silliest options...

The world's most expensive pencil

This is Faber-Castell's 'Perfect Pencil' that's made out of 18 carat white gold. It costs about £8,000 so maybe isn't a good choice for chewing on during maths lessons.

Media by Graf-von-faber-castell
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Most delicious-looking pencil case

It's not really a kebab though so don't actually eat it

Image by Ashtanur

Laziest pencil sharpener ever

This is just a regular pencil sharpener with a power drill attached. So lazy. (Quite cool though)

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The oldest ruler in the world

Is an Assyrian measuring rod that dates back to 2650 BC. That makes it a MASSIVE 4667 years old!

Rather than centimetres and inches, this measures things in Sumerian cubits. It might make a BOING noise when you twang it against a desk, but historians can't be sure.

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Most skilled pen thief

This one is also the best excuse for not doing your homework

Next, check out YouTuber Just Jodes who shows you how to make your own back to school stuff!

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