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Which Beta Squad Member Are You?

Are you AJ? Chunkz? Or more like Niko? Take this epic Youtube quiz to find out which member of the Beta Squad is most like you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/12 Beta Squad laughing
@Betasquad | Instagram

Are you the oldest in your group of friends?

2/12 A spicy curry

Which of these things are you most interested in?

3/12 A hand points at different coloured question marks

Pick a colour:

4/12 A road sign pointing to Watford

Where were you born?

5/12 Mayor of London Sadiq Khan
@sadiq | instagram

Who do you want to star in your next video?

6/12 A cup of fizzy drink smiling

What was the last thing you drank?

7/12 AJ and Chunkz about to eat some Somali snacks
@AJShabeel | Youtube

What are you doing at the weekend?

8/12 Niko in his lambo
@nikoomilana | youtube

Do you ever get embarassed?

9/12 Someone hiding under the sink
@the-last-man-on-earth | giphy

What room would you have in the Beta Squad mansion?

10/12 Chunkz and KSI eating seafood
@Chunkz | Youtube

...What food?

11/12 Niko and a Mariachi band
@Nikoomilana | Youtube


12/12 The Sidemen
@Sidemen | Instagram

What do you think of the Sidemen?

You're Chunkz!
@Chunkz | Instagram

You're Chunkz!

You're Beta Squad's biggeest funny man, Chunkz! You're just as happy rapping, doing food challenges, or pranking the public. Wait - you're not that happy pranking the public actually, as you can get pretty embarassed. But the rest is true.

You're Niko!
@niko | instagram

You're Niko!

You're all-round Youtube legend Niko Omilana! You just stood for London Mayor and are always taking pranks to the next level - especially if it means winding up racists or Logan Paul!

You're AJ!
@ajshabeel | instagram

You're AJ!

You're AJ Shabeel! You're maybe not the most well-known of the Beta Squad but you're confident and a joker - and are the King of online challenges! In fact, your Youtube is full of you eating weird foods or covering yourself in Deep Heat! Sound like you?

You're Kenny!
@Kingkennytv | Instagram

You're Kenny!

You're King Kenny! You're always up for a laugh and often win the Beta Squad's challenge videos. You're also a pretty wholesome guy, and get your little brother to star in your gaming and comedy videos. Nice!